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Get same day grocery delivery in
Toronto | Mississauga | Brampton | Oakville | Milton | Burlington | Ottawa
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HastyCart Refund, Return, and Cancellation Policy

In general, we want to make your HastyCart shopping experience as seamless as possible. However, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us after carefully reading our return policies below. Certainly, all refunds, returns, and cancellations are subject to conditions.


To request a refund and return for any reason, please contact us using the form below within 7 days of receiving your delivery.

To clarify, immediate refunds will be granted for items:

  • Missing items in your grocery delivery that appear on your final receipt
  • Damaged, spoiled, or unusable items in your grocery delivery


Returns can be made with your receipt to the original retailers. All returns are subject to the original retailers’ policies and conditions. 


We hope you don’t change your mind about your order. But if you do, you can cancel your order for a full refund up to 3 hours before your scheduled delivery. For example, If you’ve selected 3:00 pm same day delivery time slot, you can cancel until 12:00 pm the same day. In short, to request a cancellation please submit the form below. 

However, once your HastyCart order is picked up by your personal shopper, your order cannot be cancelled. 

In case if you have submitted a refund or cancellation request using the form below, our team will contact you within 24-48 hours. 

Request Form:

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