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webber naturals Cinnamon Extract


150 mg, 2 x 60 capsules

Promotes healthy blood sugar levels


webber naturals® Cinnulin PF® cinnamon extract 150 mg (20:1 extract) is ideal for pre-diabetics and type II diabetics. Published studies have shown that cinnamon extract can support healthy blood glucose levels. Adding cinnamon daily may help increase insulin sensitivity, especially in type II diabetes, and reduce the risks of diabetic complications including cardiovascular disease and neuropathy.Features and Benefits:  Cinnulin PF® is the only water extract of cinnamon available that is standardized for cinnamon’s proven active ingredients  Good nutrition and life-style adjustment may be key to blood sugar balance, but one may be pleasantly surprised to learn that a common kitchen spice such as cinnamon may have a profound impact.  In a study by Khan et al (2003), cinnamon was shown to improve blood glucose levels in people with type II diabetes. After 40 days of treatment with 1, 3, or 6 g of finely ground cinnamon bark (Cinnamomum cassia), serum glucose decreased by 18-29% in patients with type II diabetes. Directions:  1 capsule daily or as directed by a physicianServings:120 daysWarnings and Precautions:  Do no use during pregnancy or breastfeedingHypoglycemia may result if taken along with blood sugar lowering medicationsThose with blood glucose problems should monitor their blood glucose levelsKeep out of reach of childrenStorage:  For product freshness protect from heat and humidityModel: 6881


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