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Systane Lid Wipes – 3 x 32 Wipes


Gently removes oily residue and debris around eyelid and lash area

Maintains eyelid hygiene

Convenient, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating

Pre-moistened, individually wrapped wipes (3 × 32 wipes)


Systane® lid wipes are sterile, hypoallergenic and pre-moistened. The lid wipes gently cleanse the eyelid area of oily residue and debris. Eyelid hygiene can play an important role in supporting your eye health. Features and Benefits:Effective removal of cosmeticsGently removes oily residue and debris around the eyelid and lash area to maintain eyelid hygieneInduvidually wrappedNon-irritatingPre-moistened wipesWarnings and Precautions:Keep out of reach of young childrenFor external use onlyDo not apply directly to the eyeDo not use if you have know allergies to any of the ingredientsDiscontinue use and consult healthcare professional if you experience excessive dryness or itching, redness, swelling or persistent irritationStorage:Room temperature


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