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Great Value Extra Large Eggs, 18 Count

Nutritional information Specifications
Lifestyle & Dietary Need
No artificials, No added sugars, Paleo-friendly, Vegetarian-friendly, Whole-friendly
Product Type
Egg Cartons
Storage Type

Great Value


Get the best value for money on one of the most versatile ingredients in your kitchen. The 18 pack format of Great Value Extra Large white eggs is perfect for families looking for great nutrition at a great price - and reduces that worry that you'll run out of eggs when you need them the most. Great Value Extra Large White eggs are packed with protein (7 g per egg) which builds healthy muscles, skin and bones, and supports the immune system. Plus, Great Value Extra Large White eggs come from local farms, where our egg farmers take pride in the quality eggs their hens produce for Canadian families. Choose the 18 pack of Great Value Extra Large White eggs for your family. They're nutritious & delicious, and the larger pack size reduces the risk that you'll run out.


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