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Gray Ridge Premium Large White Eggs

Why settle for basic eggs when you could be serving your family Gray Ridge Premium Brand Grade A eggs? Chefs, caterers and home entertainers love Gray Ridge Premium Brand Large White eggs. They’re great for soft and hard cooking because their strong shells are leak-resistant and crack-resistant. Their firm, thick white doesn’t spread out when they’re cracked into a skillet for frying or into water for poaching. Plus, you’ll have a better chance of making the perfect sunny side up egg when you use Premium Brand eggs, because their yolks stand high and stay firm during cooking. Gray Ridge Premium Brand eggs are Grade A eggs gathered from hens at the peak of their laying cycle. Local Gray Ridge Ontario farmers are proud to be allowed to display the Foodland Ontario symbol on their egg cartons. Also, reduce your risk of running out of eggs when you need them the most. Gray Ridge Premium Brand Large White eggs come in an 18 egg value pack that’s perfect for families looking for great nutrition at a great price. So, for the best cook on your eggs and to support local Ontario egg farmers, keep your fridge stocked with Gray Ridge Premium Brand eggs. Choose the 18-egg value pack for the best value and look for the Foodland Ontario symbol on-pack to be sure your’re buying local.

• 18 above Grade A large white eggs/carton

• Recognized as local by Foodland Ontario

• Firm yolk stands high when preparing sunny side up eggs

• Strong shells resist breaking and leakage when soft and hard cooking

• Firm, thick white for less “spreading out” when frying or poaching

• 6 g of high quality protein (per egg) to support muscles, skin, bones and the immune system


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