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Food Bank Donations Program

You buy groceries, HastyCart donates groceries.

HastyCart was founded with social responsibility to the community in mind. It is the driving force behind what we do. Therefore, we built giving back to the community directly into our business model. So, for every single order we get, we donate fresh and nutritious groceries to families in need through our food bank donations program.

Food Bank Donations Program

For instance, within the GTA 1 in 5 households are affected by food insecurity. Similarly, 1 in 6 children under the age of 18 is affected by food insecurity in Canada. So, this means that due to a number of factors such as low resources and reduced access to food, many families and children go hungry. To those in need, buying fresh groceries is a luxury.

At HastyCart, we are dedicated to making an impact within those households. Moreover, our driving force is to help reduce food insecurity. We make it possible by providing access to high-quality and nutritious groceries to the local communities we serve through our food banks donations program. Every time you buy groceries online with HastyCart, we donate fresh groceries to a family in need. Currently, our food bank donations program runs in the Greater Toronto area and the Ottawa area and will be expanding soon.

How It Works

A percentage of every order goes towards our HastyCart Helps food bank donations program. So, every single time you order online with HastyCart, we donate fresh groceries to a family in need.

In addition, we’ve partnered with local community food banks to make this happen. Through grocery distribution to families or meal programs for children such as Food4Kids, and Feeding Our Future, our partners at Second Harvest, Mississauga Food Bank, and Food For Life get HastyCart’s food donations into the hands of the families that need it most.

In short, our food bank donations program runs monthly and includes fresh and nutritious produce, cereals and granola, milk, and other grocery essentials.

By shopping at HastyCart, you can feel good about feeding your family and a family in need in the community.

Our Partners


Second Harvest Food Bank Donations
Mississauga Food Bank Donations